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Our Program

We are a small ethical doodle breeder. We believe in providing the best life for our puppies by raising them on a rigorous puppy curriculum that will help them to become confident socialized well-rounded dogs, who know that the world is safe, humans are kind and dogs are friendly! Along with BAB breeders across the country, our mission is to raise Empowered Puppies!

Blades of Grass

Early Days 

For the first three days, our only goal is to keep mama and puppies safe and healthy without disturbing them besides weighing them twice a day and mama care.

But once puppies are 3 days and older, our work begins. Once a day from days 3-16 of a puppy's life we perform Early Neurological stimulation and Early Scent Introduction on our puppies. 

Some of the benefits to ENS include better circulation, better responses to stress and stimulation of senses and the neurological system.

Children's Toys


When our puppies reach three weeks of ages it's time to get serious. Between 21 and 28 days we introduce a potty area and start puppy school! Puppy school consists of one new age-appropriate experience a day. When puppies are little this can be as small as some clean ping-pong balls or a rinsed out milk jug. The goal is to present something new, and possibly frightening, but not terrifying. As puppies work through fear they become more confident and ready for the outside world!

Children's Toys
Levitating Books


At 5 weeks old puppies are now full time learners! They continue to work on potty skills and begin crate training. Plus it's time for visits from other safe household dogs and meeting new kind and gentle people. But it's not all fun and games.... Daily puppy school complete with challenges like slides, wobbly surfaces, mental games and water! An other important part of puppy school is working in different areas. From the frontyard to the backyard to the foyer. Each set-up brings new challenges for puppies to work through.


Week 7 it gets serious, puppy curriculum continues but the time to send these puppies to their new homes is fast approaching. Puppies get their first set of vaccinations and an exam from our trusted vet. Then it's time for the big test--each of our puppies are temperament tested before going to their new homes so that we can ensure the puppy would be a good match for the human. This gives our puppies a voice and helps reduce the chance of the family being unable to keep their puppy! Even though we're about to say goodbye, it's just the beginning for the puppy and their new family! Our Empowered puppies have graduated and they're ready to go out and change people's lives for the better!

We're changing breeding one pup at a time!

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But what about elementary 

Once you bring your puppy home it's time to start 1st grade? Not a professional puppy trainer? Baxter and Bella has got you covered! Start off on the right foot with 25% off their one-time purchase, never expiring membership!

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