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Our Story


Hello! I'm Kat, I'm the owner of Cairn Ridge Doodles and It's my privilege to breed premium Bernedoodles here in Lexington Ohio. As a young kid I could never seems to find a sport or extra-curricular that I actually liked, but I did like dogs so for my young naive self it made sense for me to start breeding dogs , I mean how hard could it be?  I got  my first dog when I was 11. Then I started a business called Heart of Gold and looked around for a poodle to breed my dog to. The first one we found was too young, then the second one quit at the last second, but thankfully she gave us the phone number of one last poodle owner... A breeder. It was a kink in my plans, but the Lord had a better plan. When my litter came I happened to be scrolling along the breeder's website and I noticed that she used a program called Puppy Culture, so I decided to try it out... One thing led to another and it turned out that meeting that one last poodle owner was the best thing that ever happened to me. Opening up that Puppy Culture DVD meant diving into the deep world of ethical dog breeding, a world that I would probably never leave. I had found my place.


As I read, listened and asked more questions I knew I had to start fresh. So with books in hand I researched a bit more until I came across breeder in Wisconsin selling F1 Bernedoodles. So I called her, and on the other end was a woman who would change my half-thought out breeding program into something amazing. She taught me and I listened. And then I bought a dog from her, and then another, and then my parents bought me a dog from her. And then out of the ashes of my poorly began breeding adventure, Cairn Ridge Doodles was born. Soli Dei Gloria.

Meet Kensington

Kensington is one of my best friends, she's also my younger sister, business partner and she's the co-owner and care-taker of our Brown Merle, Olive. She's a girl of many talents and she's a hard worker. She manages school, Olive and she watches a two year old and a 1 year old for 3 hours three times a week. When I had my first litter, she never hesitated to clean the pen or help with training. Her diligence and kind heart make her the perfect partner in crime for this wonderful beautiful messy puppy-filled adventure.


Our Family

My parents are the real reason I get to do this. They give so much of themselves to let us do crazy amazing things like starting a dog breeding business or drive to Wisconsin to pick up a puppy. Not only did they let us purchase 2 puppies, but they surprised me with another one! They're always there for me telling me to trust in the Lord and encouraging me all the way.  

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