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Guardian Homes


What a Guardian Home is and How to Become One

What is a Guardian Home?

Guardian homes are families or individuals who adopt a male or female dog from a breeder for a very small fee. The breeder covers the rest of the fee in exchange for ownership of the breeding rights of the dog. The guardian home keeps the dog as their pet and once or twice a year, according to contract, the breeder takes the dog and breeds them. If it's a female, then the guardian home will take care of them during their pregnancy. Then one or two weeks before they are due the breeder will take them back. The momma will stay with the puppies until they are weaned, then she gets to go back home to her family! Once she's had 3-4 litters she get's to retire and spend the rest of her life with her family!


1. The breeder doesn't have too many dogs on property and can give proper attention to those she has.


2. The guardian home gets a designer dog for a lot less than normal. And they get to be a part of ethical breeding without all of the management!


3. The dog gets to live with their own happy family!

It's a win win win!

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How to Become a Guardian Home.

Step 1: Fill out application. 

Fill out our application to start the process.

Step 2: Evaluation

We'll schedule a call to talk to you to evaluate if you're the right material for a CRD guardian home. It's a chance for you to interview us as well! Ask questions!

Step 3: Contract

If we think you'd make a great guardian home, we'll send you the contract! Once you read it over it's up to you to decide whether or not to take the next step. Once you sign, it's time for puppies! Depending on the time we may not have a puppy available immediately but don't worry you'll soon be the proud family of a future CRD momma or papa!

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Before filling out the application consider some of our requirements.

  • Must live less than 2 hours away from Lexington Ohio

  • Must be willing to communicate and have good people skills.

  • Must have experience with dogs and have a fenced in yard.

  • Must not have any other un-fixed dogs in the house.

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