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If you're planning on training at home check out the Online Puppy school! When we were looking for a training program for our mama dogs we decided on Baxter and Bella because of its countless benefits! The membership includes training courses that walk you through each aspect of puppy training, with worksheets, videos and more! Plus a membership includes unlimited live help, from one on one video sessions with a professional trainer to weekly group webinars! My favorite part about Baxter and Bella is that it's a ONE TIME purchase, that never expires! It's simple, affordable and most importantly it teaches you how to teach your puppy in a positive way! Use our code cairnridgedoodles for 25% off today! 

Training Resources 


Worried about basic training? Don't! We have one spot per litter of Basic Training. We'll take your puppy through 2-4 weeks of Baxter and Bella's training course so that you don't have to worry about those first challenging weeks! When the training is done, we'll give you all the info about how to continue training! To learn more about available Basic Training spots and our pricing plans click the link below!

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