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Extended Training

Utilizing the BAXTER and BELLA online puppy school, we provide 2-4 weeks of basic training for an extra fee, because of our one-on-one approach to puppy training we only accept one puppy per litter to stay with us for our extended basic training program. Learn more about what we offer and check our available spots!

Basic cues

In four weeks we train your puppy to recognize and perform over 10 different cues including; sit, down, stay, ok, touch, come, shake, watch me, leave it,  gently, drop it, let's go and wait!

Time to grow

One of the biggest benefits of our Extended Training program is that doodles is our job! This means that although you may have to focus on many things along with a new puppy, we don't! Your puppy is our number one priority and we'd love to help you get through the toughest weeks of puppy training, so that you can focus on your priorities and your puppy when your puppy is a little older and easier to manage!


The critical socialization period lasts from 0-16 weeks and it is important to make sure your puppy is exposed to different sights, smells, sounds, people, textures ect. During Extended Training we make it a priority socialize and expose puppies to these things! When you pick your puppy up you only have to worry about 4 more weeks of socialization, rather than 8!

...And more!!

Once training is complete we provide a special puppy packet that includes helpful training tools, treats, toys and more! Plus we'll walk you through how to pick up where we left off, making your journey less confusing and stressful. Once you head home it may seem like our job is done... but it's not, we'll continue mentoring you through the highs and lows of puppy training for as long as you need! We love doodles!!

Crate training

Crate training is mostly completed during the first few weeks. During your puppy's stay with us, he/she will learn to sleep through the night and settle quietly in their crate for 1-2 hours at a time during the day!


Here at CRD we believe in providing an excellent foundation in house training and we can take it a step further with Extended Training. Your puppy will learn the "go potty" cue and practice playing inside and going potty outside. As the weeks progress we will extend the time between breaks, providing a HUGE step-up in housetraining!


We have an uncompromising one-on-one approach to puppy training, which means that each puppy will be matched to a trainer who will focus on them for the entirety of their stay. Because of this we have limited availability, but it makes a huge difference, as each puppy is treated as a member of our family until they leave!

Meet our trainers!

We're more than just breeders! We train each and every one of our incredible mama dogs and know what it's like to raise puppies! Although each of us have individual talents we work as a team to encourage each other and share tips as we shape and bond with our puppies through positive training!

Available Spots 

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