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Planning Ahead!

Seems like just yesterday when I got on a waitlist for this little F1 and now she has a waitlist herself!

Miss Willa A. , also known as "Da Floof" was named after my sister's childhood doll. I liked the name, it was cute, fun and unique just like my Bernedoodle! The "A." is from our old golden, Lillabe A.

Willa means a lot to me - two weeks before I picked up Willa I lost my best friend Saturn. That Goldendoodle got me through thick and thin and saying goodbye was tough. But I looked forward to a fresh start with Willa, and she gave me much more then just a fresh start...she introduced me to the wonderful world of well-bred doodles. Willa gave us new perspective as we were challenged to become better breeders and now we're drawing near to being able to breed her!

This Summer both Olive and Willa will be getting their full health testing, and if the Lord wills once they're finished we will be be breeding them in October! As we plan ahead, we also look back, the Lord has been faithful through this whole journey. From the moment I messaged Bernedoodle Boutique to the moment that breeder handed me my Willa the Lord has allowed us to make all of the right decisions and we have ended up with 3 stellar foundations girls! His faithfulness has been abundantly evident throughout my whole life and I'm thankful for the success I have experienced!

Willa will hopefully have her next heat in October, when she's about 18 months old. I have a waitlist set up and I cannot wait to create the same realationship I have with Willa's breeder with my puppy families! Thanks for being part of the CRD fam!

Soli Deo Gloria


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