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Updated: Apr 10

Hi! I'm Kat, the owner of CRD and one of my goals is to provide premium Bernedoodles to families and individuals looking for well-raised doodles with a great breeder behind them! But I have more goals as well! Getting a puppy is a process and it starts well before a litter is even born, and extends well after. As a breeder I want to be a part of the whole puppy process, not just the middle part! I want to be involved with my puppy families long before and after they pick up their bundle of fluff!

So how do I do this? Here at CRD we have a reservation based waitlist, which means that we accept deposits for spots on a waitlist, but before anyone can place a deposit they must first fill out an application. Our application is the first step towards a lasting relationship with our customers! One of my most important priorities during the application part of the process is to make sure that my puppies will have excellent families, and it's a chance for my families to make sure that they will be getting an excellent puppy [or two!]

After the application/initial questions it's time to wait! As our potential puppy families are waiting, we're very busy here at CRD- either breeding, managing pregnant doodles or even delivering newborn puppies! Even though we're busy, we make sure to keep our families updated on everything!

Once puppies are born the real fun starts! We send out weekly email updates with pictures, weights and notes on their curriculum! And I make sure to keep the CRD social media page full of lot's of pictures and videos! We also provide a password to a private page for the litter, which has all of the litter's information plus a ton more pictures! It is our goal to be as transparent as possible through the puppy raising process!!

When the puppies are 4 weeks old we invite our puppy families to a virtual visit through zoom, where I showcase the puppies and talk about the curriculum our puppies will be going through for the next few weeks. I also talk about go-home and how families need to prepare!

At 8 weeks old the time has come! Each puppy has already visited the vet once, completed their BAB curriculum and been temperament tested and now it's time to pick!! We send out the temperament test videos a few days before along with a time slot (in order of the waitlist) for when families can come physically or over FaceTime to pick!

When our families come to pick their puppy we give them any and all info about every available puppy from the litter. We discuss temperaments, size, energy level and more! The family get's to pick which one they want to take home but we also love to give suggestions on which puppy we think would be best suited for the family and their life-style! After they pick they can either take their pup home, or we'll deliver!

This is just the start of a lasting relationship between us and our families! We are loyal to our puppies for life, which means we're also loyal to our puppy families for life! We're changing the process from a quick purchase to a lasting relationship and community! We love doodles!

Soli Deo Gloria,


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